Craggy Peak Research

Deliver an excellent customer experience through research and design

Lots of companies can build you a web site. But long-term success requires building customer relationships. We use a research-based, data-driven approach to help you understand what your customers need, and deliver products, services, and experiences that delight them.

How we work

What's the best way to make effective websites and apps? Ask the people who use them. And keep asking them. Our approach is based on design thinking and involves a cycle from research to design to development and back to research. Depending on your needs, we can handle just the research part, the research and design, or all three elements.

Learn where your website could be improved
Come up with ideas to make your website more effective
Turn ideas into fully-functioning websites and apps

Who we work with

We specialize in providing enterprise-quality services to small and medium-sized businesses. Our services can be scaled to fit your needs and your budget, whether you have 1 employee or 100. We're happy to serve as an advisor or do the work ourselves, and we're comfortable partnering with your current web developer or digital marketing provider.

What makes us different

Research is easy to do poorly and hard to do well. With Craggy Peak, your project is overseen by a PhD cognitive scientist with more than 20 years of experience both doing research and teaching about research. This means that not only do you get high-quality data, you get expert advice on what the data do - and do not - mean. All of this helps you make better-informed, smarter business decisions.