Craggy Peak Research
Driving empathovation.

Our Guiding Values

Each business is unique. Each of their customers is unique.
The best solutions come from carefully listening to and understanding both our clients and their customers.
Provide long-term value
We aren’t about a quick fix. Our goal is to lay a strong foundation that will help your business achieve its goals not just today but far down the road.
Good data leads to good decisions
We collect data to challenge assumptions, identify blind spots, and provide a solid basis for making decisions.
Meet the needs people really have.
We help businesses to address authentic customer needs, simultaneously creating value for both the customer and the business.
It’s never “just business.”
A successful transaction is not just one where money changed hands, but one where all parties feel respected and valued.
Do well by doing good.
We know we help create the world we live in. We support locally-minded businesses that contribute to a strong community and a thriving economy.

Our Owner

Todd Haskell

Todd Haskell

What motivates you?

I love problem-solving. It's kind of addictive for me - if there's a puzzle to figure out, I usually can't stop thinking about it.

What's the most useful thing that you have learned at a job?

To really listen to people. If you're busy thinking about how you're going to respond to what they're saying, you aren't really listening.

Favorite rainy day activity?

Doing jigsaw puzzles.