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As a company that serves other businesses, we rely on a thriving local economy for our success. Particularly for small local businesses, the health of the economy is directly connected to the health of the community, through a feedback loop where businesses both benefit from and contribute to that community. That's why we continually work to support local non-profits and social enterprises. We are particularly committed to empowering marginalized groups. We believe that when barriers in our society prevent anyone from achieving their full potential, we all lose. See below to learn more about what we've been up to.

Theme for Fall 2019: Girls of Today, Leaders of Tomorrow

Although women have made significant inroads in the workforce over the past few decades, they continue to be heavily underrepresented in business leadership roles. In the 2019 Fortune 500 list, only 6.6% of CEOs were women, and only 25.5% of corporate board seats were held by women. This clearly isn't just a business problem, because women are also underrepresented in government. Only 24% of members of the U.S. House of Representatives are women, and only 25% of the members of the Senate. And as most Americans are well aware, there has never been a woman president.

This is not a simple problem, and there are no easy solutions. But in an ever more competitive global economy, the United States simply cannot afford to continue underutilizing the talents and abilities of half its population. We must do better, not only because it's the right thing to do, but because it's an economic necessity. In fact, research suggests that increasing support for female entrepeneurs could create a huge boost for the global economy.

We believe the place to start is with today's girls. We know they are quite capable of leadership. But we also know that they will face many obstacles along the way. So it's important to not just equip them with the skills to excel as leaders, but the confidence to know they can succeed even when others doubt them, and the grit to keep going when it's hard.

How you can help

We are currently running a promotion to support local organizations that help develop girl leaders. For every $25 you donate to a participating organization during January 2020, we will donate 1 hour of services to your business. To be eligible, your business must be based in either Whatcom or Skagit counties, or have a physical location in one of those counties. Maximum of 20 hours of donated services per business.

Step 1

Contact us to discuss the services you would be interested in, so we can estimate the number of hours required.

Step 2

Make a donation to one of these organizations by clicking on the appropriate link:

Girls on the Run

To make sure your donation goes specifically to Girls on the Run, click the "Dedicate this donation" box, choose "In Honor Of", and type in "GOTR".

Wild Whatcom / Girls Explorers Club

Make sure to add a comment saying that your donation is for girls programming

WWU GEMS (Girls in Engineering, Math, and Science)

Make sure to type in "GEMS" as your support area

Step 3

Send us the receipt for your donation.

Step 4

We get started on the work!