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Market Research Survey

In this project, we were helping nonprofit organizations better understand what draws supporters to in-person fundraising events. The idea was to help them identify key elements to try to replicate in virtual versions of those events. The data below come from an early pilot survey. The goal of this survey was to see if there were any obvious patterns that we could then follow up on in more depth. One of the things that stood out to us was that participants in these kinds of events seem to value the social/community aspects of the experience.


Respondent Demographics


18-34 43%
35-49 31%
50-64 19%
65+ 7%


Female 41%
Male 43%
Unknown 16%

Financial Situation

I feel pretty well-off 28%
I have enough to get by 57%
It's tough to make ends meet 14%
I prefer not to say 2%

Type of Cause They Most Care About

Social issues 24%
Health-related 24%
Environmental 22%
Political 12%
Education 10%
Animal welfare 5%
Other 2%

Attended a Charity Fundraiser in the Past Year

Yes 64%
No 36%

Questions asked of people who have attended a fundraiser (N=37)

What Kind of Event

Auction 35%
Fun walk/run 30%
Lunch/dinner 19%
Other 16%

Who They Went With

By themselves 14%
With one other person 46%
As part of a group 41%

Why They Went

The cause was important to them 51%
Someone invited them to go 24%
The event sounded like fun 22%
As part of their work 3%

What They Liked Best

(open-ended question; these numbers are for common themes respondents brought up)

Pleasant social interaction 27%
Feeling like they’re supporting a good cause 27%
Opportunity to build community 16%
Having a fun time 14%
Good food and drinks 11%

What They Liked Least

(open-ended question; these numbers are for common themes respondents brought up)

It was boring or too long 14%
Poor behavior by other attendees 11%
There was bad weather 11%
It was too crowded 8%

Questions asked of people who have not attended a fundraiser (N=21)

Why They Didn’t Go

I prefer to donate in other ways 38%
I don't enjoy this kind of event 14%
I didn't hear about any that were for a cause I care about 14%
I didn't want to go by myself 14%
I didn't hear about any that sounded interesting 10%
Other 10%

Other Ways They’ve Contributed to a Non-Profit

Monetary donation 81%
Donation of goods or services 43%
Volunteering 24%
Other 5%
Serving on a board 0%

What Would It Take to Get Them to a Fundraiser?

(open-ended question; these numbers are for common themes respondents brought up)

It would need be an event they’re interested in 43%
It would have to be for the right cause 24%
They would have to have friends to go with 14%
They would need to believe the event and the non-profit are actually going to make a difference 10%