Who we are
Craggy Peak Research is the creation of cognitive scientist Todd Haskell. Todd holds a doctorate in psychology, and has also been programming since he was in 1st grade. He has specialized training in user experience, and has taught a class on the topic. Craggy Peak allows him to combine his strong fascination with people with his equally strong fascination with machines. In addition to his work for Craggy Peak, Todd teaches psychology at Western Washington University.
When he's not working, Todd enjoys hiking, climbing, trail-running, and generally being outdoors. Todd doesn't enjoy weeding, mowing, and home maintenance, but he does them anyway.
Depending on the project, Todd may partner with other researchers, designers, or developers who have expertise in a specific area, and who share the same guiding values.
Our guiding values
We believe that the best route to business success is taking the time to truly understand your customers' needs. And then providing products and services that help them satisfy those needs. We seek to partner with businesses that feel the same way.