Craggy Peak Research

Who we are

Todd Haskell

Owner, research, programming

Anna Rollins

Visual design

Recent projects

SBDC logo

Work we did

Evaluated ease of navigation of the site; assessed whether messaging regarding target clients was effective

2Roofs logo

Work we did

Evaluated whether key messages about the company were effectively conveyed by the site

Nuu-Muu logo

Work we did

Conducted usability testing & identified pain points in the shopping process

Our guiding values

At Craggy Peak, "customer-first" is not just a slogan, it guides everything we do. We believe that the best route to business success is taking the time to truly understand your customers' needs. And then providing products and services that help them satisfy those needs. We seek to partner with businesses that feel the same way.

Why work with us?

Caring about the community

We care about the place where we live, work, and play. That's why we donate our services to non-profits and social enterprise businesses located in Whatcom County. In 2018 we provided over $1500 worth of services, and we're aiming to do even more in 2019.