Craggy Peak Research


Muffintopia is a bakery in River City. They’ve been in business for 5 years, and have built a small but loyal following. However, they’re hoping togrow their business by expanding into new demographics. River City is home to Central College, and during the academic year about 10% of the city’s total population is college students. Muffintopia has noticed that very few of their current customers are college students. They see this as a huge untapped market, and so they decide to do some advertising around the Central College campus to bring in more student customers. Unfortunately, this advertising has almost no effect.

Achieving Insights

Since Muffintopia has already tried advertising, students presumably know about the bakery. This is a good situation to take a “barriers” approach - what is preventing students from going out and buying the muffins? To answer this question, we asked 30 people in the target demographic to view a flyer for Muffintopia and say what they thought was the biggest reason college students might not buy a muffin from the bakery.

Finding Solutions

So now we have some understanding of what may be happening in the minds of Central College students when they see the Muffintopia ads on campus: